A Team Effort

Stakeholders and partners are a key to success to improve access to child-friendly medicines. One of the Centre’s mission is to drive collaboration between stakeholders that extends across disciplines and geographical boundaries. It is vital to bring all partners to work together, regardless of the regulatory landscape, to solve the challenges that we are collectively facing to make available pediatric formulations. It is a shared responsibility to ensure that children’s needs are addressed.

Interested parties who would like to join this initiative are invited to reach out to Andrea Gilpin, General Manager.

The Pharmaceutical Partner

One of the key partnerships for the Centre is to work with Pharmaceutical companies to gain regulatory approval and commercialize child-friendly formulations of medicines. The pharmaceutical partner has the objective to provide access to pediatric formulations that are effective, safe and easy to administer, have flexible dosage increments and minimal excipients, be palatable, and stable. In general, we are looking to partner with companies who are interested in:

  • Bringing to the Canadian market an already existing pediatric formulation that is approved and available in other countries
  • Developing a pediatric formulation in an area of core competency or bringing
  • Committing to manufacture the pediatric formulation for the Canadian market and a willingness to share outside of Canada
  • Using our PERFORM service to prepare a new drug submission
  • Using our research expertise to assist in the conduct of pediatric studies as part of the regulatory approval process